Quiltcon Michael Miller Pastel Challenge

November is a busy month for deadline sewing for me. I have to finish up my Michael Miller Fabric Challenge, and I’m working on a small challenge quilt for a traditional group of quilters that I unfortunately can’t share just yet. On top of that I’ve been feverishly working on some Christmas presents that I hope to actually have done before my flight home in December.

I’ve said before, I tend to sway more traditional than modern, despite enjoying modern quilting. I decided to use the new Michael Miller Challenge to do just that, challenge me. I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and design something more modern, with more negative space, that I in no way would consider traditional. I started playing around straight lines and bars in Illustrator and eventually came up with the design below. I love plus quilts, so it’s a happy accident this is a more modern interpretation of the plus quilt.

Make It Modern - Must Love Quilts

Pastels are not my thing. I love bright happy colors, and if I choose pastels they are always an accent to brighter colors. When I see 3 or more pastels together I can’t help but think of children’s Easter decorations. I decided to go with an off-white neutral for the main part of my quilt rather than white, and originally wanted very subtle white lines to go up along the left side of the quilt. After putting it together, I saw some aqua fabric laying nearby and instantly knew I’d LOVE the aqua in place of the white. I took a photo and went into Photoshop to alter the white to aqua, just to see if I’d like it better. It wasn’t a matter of liking the white, I did  like it a lot, but a matter of knowing I’d love the aqua. I went onto facebook and instagram to confirm my instinct, and this weekend I’ll be ripping out more seams to replace the white with aqua, once my additional cream fabric arrives.

Once the top is done I get to start quilting. I’m actually looking forward to this part on this one, because I want to play with the negative space. I don’t free motion on my domestic, so I’ve been trying to come up with fun ways to play with straight lines. So far I have what you see below. Still thinking about what to do with the left side.  What do y’all think?

Quilting Plan - Must Love Quilts


Piece Out! (Linking up to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced)


Bloggers Quilt Festival Entry #2 – Original Designs

My second entry for the Bloggers Quilt Festival Fall 2014 hosted by Amy’s Creative Side is my Modern Trellis Quilt. To start, I want to seriously thank everyone out there who has bought the pattern from my shop or commented on one of my previous posts. I’ve been overwhelmed by the support from the quilt community regarding this quilt and it means SO much to me.

This quilt was designed as part of the Modern Quilt Guild’s Michael Miller Challenge. The fabrics and colors were so “me” so it was fun sketching out ideas and narrowing it down to one that really inspired me. The ultimate quilt was inspired by the garden trellis/lattices you see out and about. There happens to be one in my neighbors yard that I can see out of the window in my quilting room. To modernize it a bit I decided to extend several of the color pieces to make a spiral or pinwheel shape. Lastly, I added the fading colors, because no matter how often that look is used, I love it just the same.

Modern Trellis - Must Love Quilts


Modern Trellis - Must Love Quilts


This quilt has really helped me to understand my journey as a quilter. I often find I’m not “modern” enough for the modern world, but I also don’t fit into the traditional world. Everyone likes to talk about branding, and signature looks/styles, and  I understand the value in both. At the end of the day though, I want to make pretty things that I love. I always thought my quilts would get more modern as I stepped deeper into the quilting pool, but I find myself more and more drawn to traditional patterns in fresh fabrics. I’m looking forward to Quiltcon this upcoming winter to see how much that sways me back in the modern direction. Regardless, I’m going to just keep quilting.

Piece Out!



Bloggers Quilt Festival Entry #1 – Small Quilts

Hello again everyone! I am so excited to be participating in the Bloggers Quilt Festival Fall 2014 hosted by Amy’s Creative Side. I’ve never joined up with something like this before, and after looking through the posts, it sure is inspiring! What a great way for people around the world to share some of their favorite work. :)

Both my entries are ones my current blog followers have seen before. First up, my Texas HST quilt. I designed this quilt many months ago, when I was obsessed with triangles and state shapes. I moved to Texas 3.5 years ago, and I just love how it turned out! I wanted it to be abstract, but true to the shape of Texas. The pattern is available in my shop, and I’m hoping to get a few Texas Quilt Shops to carry the pattern in their stores. That alone is crazy exciting to me, since it initially was just a labor of love for my years in Texas so far.

Texas Forever Quilt Pattern - Must Love Quilts


Texas Quilting Detail - Must Love Quilts


This baby measures just under 50″ and sadly it is STILL sitting in my dining room waiting to be on the wall. Naturally, all the quilting is straight lines done on my domestic. I think despite the simple quilting it still looks pretty fun!

Speaking of Texas and Quilting, I’m excited to be heading to Houston tomorrow for my first ever International Quilt Festival experience! I hope to post some good pictures when I return. Happy Halloween everyone!

Piece Out!



Pumpkin Patch

Punkin Patch | Must Love Quilts

I don’t know about y’all, but I LOVE fall. Everything about it. The crisp air, football, leaves turning orange, and of course, pumpkins! I designed this block a few weeks ago and worked one up, but then got distracted by other projects. My friend Emily of Sew ET decided to work up a few of the blocks herself this past weekend, and I think it turned out adorable! Her pairing of fabric and the darker background really compliment the bright orange pumpkins. You can check out her blog post here. She also sells that yummy Peppered Cotton in Charcoal if y’all are interested.

I’m hoping I get to work a little bit on some fall themed projects this weekend in between sewing Christmas presents…I need a longer period of time between autumn and Christmas! It seems like I can’t ever enjoy my favorite seasons before my OTHER favorite season rolls around.

You can either click on the photo above to get to my Craftsy Shop for the Pumpkin Pattern, or you can Click Here. :)  Have fun and enjoy the season!

Texas Forever

I’m so excited to announce my Texas Forever pattern is available in my Craftsy Shop!

Texas Forever Quilt Pattern - Must Love Quilts

Back in February I was playing around with the idea of opening an Etsy Shop to sell wall art. I had initially designed some prints that were a combination of local maps, colored in and saved in the shape of the state within which they were located. It was around the time I was finishing up my Heart Quilt Pattern, so I decided to play around and see if I could design abstract state shapes with triangles. I designed Texas and Virginia and was hooked. I have both drafts printed and hanging up behind my computer at work.


Once I had designed the states in half-square triangles, YOU KNOW, I had to make quilts. At the Austin Modern Quilt Guild’s Summer retreat I spent all my time making 8 trillion HST’s and got most of the two states completed. I’m still adding borders to Virginia to make it “Hokie-fied.” Here is a pic of my WIP Texas:

WIP Texas

My finished Texas quilt will be going up on my dining room wall. The pattern gives instructions for a small and large quilt.  I think the design is perfect for gifts for the upcoming holidays! I’m thinking about mocking the design up in Christmas colors to send out as my Christmas cards this year. If I do, I’ll make sure to share a photo. :)  Here is a closer look at the quilting:

Texas Quilting Detail - Must Love Quilts

My favorite part about these state quilts is how versatile they are. You can applique a heart over your favorite city, change the colors to reflect who you are, add a couple more borders in your school colors to make it collegiate, the possibilities are endless! I can’t wait to see what people come up with. I’m hoping to have Virginia published soon. I have California and Ohio designed and waiting in the wings. What other states would you all like to see? Let me know and I can move them to the top of my list!

I hope everyone is having a great autumn so far! Linking up to Freshly Pieced WIP Wednesday.

Piece Out!





Austin Area Quiltfest

It’s hard to believe I’ve been quilting about three years now. I remember starting my first quilt and can’t believe how much you can learn in such a short time frame! My first quilt was a simple nine-patch queen size quilt. It took about a year to complete, because the quilt bug didn’t bite until the top was finished. After I had the quilt top done I felt a sense of accomplishment and quickly started several more quilts and haven’t stopped since! Here is a pic of my very first quilt:

Queen Size Fandango - Must Love Quilts


That sucker is still on my bed and I love it just as much as I did when I first made it. After I quilted this top I started looking around for other quilty folks in the Austin area. My mom had suggested I do a little research to see if Austin had a Modern Quilt Guild, as she thought I might “vibe” better with that crowd versus the local traditional guild. I finally talked myself into joining and am so thankful I did. I’ve met some wonderful people, many of them my age who are new to quilting. I absolutely love the enthusiasm and attitude of the quilters in the guild, and it’s fun learning new things alongside them and sharing things we learn along the way. The Austin MQG is still growing and finding its footing, and I know the officers work hard to keep our group evolving, as it seems to get better and better. Just this past meeting our wonderful new board gave sewn gifts to the old board members. I was super excited to receive a gift from Kim Place of Dream Stitch Designs. She made me the most wonderful placemat that is soooo me! I just adore the hand-quilting. Check out her awesome work! It’s going to go on my new entryway dresser.

Dream Stitch Designs Placemat

After I had been quilting for a while I decided it was time to expand my sew-cial life and I decided to join the Austin Area Quilt Guild. At first I was very intimidated because the guild is huge – 500 members – and it was a bit overwhelming walking into a giant meeting full of people who had been quilting for years. I was extremely fortunate to join at precisely the right time. The person in charge of membership happened to live near my neck of the woods AND she had just formed a new sewing bee that met once a month on weekends. She kindly asked if I’d be interested and I was thrilled! The group of folks in the bee are all the nicest, most encouraging people and I’m truly lucky to spend time sewing with them. We all have very different styles, but one of our favorite things at each bee is to Ohhhhh and Ahhhhh over the beautiful work everyone is doing. Even if it isn’t our style, we can appreciate the skill and effort that goes into the pieces we work on. I like to think I bring a modern slant to the group, and we’ve had some great conversations about the modern versus traditional world…but that is another blog post in and of itself!

Anywho, the reason I’m recounting my guild history today is because I finally entered my very first Quilt Show! The Austin Area Guild holds a large quilt show every other year, and this year I decided to enter a couple of pieces. They had just introduced a new “Modern ” category, which I felt was right up my alley. I entered my Modern Trellis quilt and feverishly made a “Sunset” version of my Water/Waves quilt. I had wanted to enter my “I Heart My Stash” quilt, but sadly didn’t get it finished in time. It was already down to the wire and my good friend Emily of Sew ET even came over the night before they were due to help me sew on the sleeves. Thank you Emily!!!!

The show has anywhere from 350-400 quilts each year, and the work is amazing.  I am super proud to announce I won first and second place in the modern category!!! I was seriously shocked and so excited to be recognized amongst a group of such talent. Here is a pic of my two quilts hanging in the show:

Must Love Quilts

Sorry for the brag-post, I just had to share! I’ll post more info and photos of the Sunset quilt as soon as I get some decent photos.

Piece Out!


Grand Granny Tutorial

This summer has been quite the whirlwind, I can’t believe it’s just about over! I have been feverishly trying to finish three quilts for a quilt show and I still have a ways to go. Looks like late nights for me until Tuesday! Despite the looming deadline I decided to go to the Virginia Tech – Ohio State football game this weekend, which leads me to my first WIP, my upcoming HST Virginia pattern! (I’m also finishing up a Texas pattern I hope to have in my shop next week…the VA one is taking a bit longer).

Virginia Quilt - Must Love Quilts

While I hope to keep adding patterns to my shop, I also want to keep offering free content. One of my favorite things about the quilting community are the free tutorials and patterns you can find online. Today I am finally ready to post my Grand Granny Tutorial!

This quilt actually started as something larger, and I tweaked the pattern and worked it down to the baby quilt size. Let’s first take a look at the block and how the quilt works up:

Grand Granny - Must Love Quilts 

Fabric Requirements and Cutting:

4 Teal Fat Eighths  |  5 Orange Fat Eighths  |  1/2 Yard White

Grand Granny - Must Love Quilts


Piecing Triangle Units:

You are going to piece your orange and teal squares the same way. I’m going to refer to teal, just duplicate the steps with your orange squares.

1) Take 2 different teal prints and place them right sides together. Draw a diagonal line from one corner to the next on one of the squares. Sew 1/4 inch on both sides of the line.

Grand Granny - Must Love Quilts


2) Rotary cut up the center diagonal that you drew. Open and Press.

Grand Granny - Must Love Quilts

3) Rotary cut up the diagonal of each square, as shown below. Repeat these steps for your orange and teal squares. Teal pairs with teal, orange pairs with orange.

Grand Granny - Must Love Quilts


Piecing your block:

1) Take your white square and mark the center of each side. I like to fold and iron a small crease. Take two of your triangle units and match the center seam to the center you just marked on your white square. Sew 1/4 inch along sides. Open and Press.

Grand Granny - Must Love Quilts

2) Take two more triangle units and repeat step 1 on the remaining sides. 

Grand Granny - Must Love Quilts

Piecing the Top:

See breakdown of quilt blocks below.

Grand Granny - Must Love Quilts

Sew your blocks together and you have a Grand Granny baby quilt! 

Must Love Quilts

The fun thing about this block is you can play around with the arrangement of colors and make larger quilts. Here is a picture of where I was originally going with this quilt. It has been sitting on my shelf for months, waiting to be quilted. I’ll get around to it eventually!

Must Love Quilts


Here is a coloring sheet just in case you want to play around with making a larger version quilt with these blocks. Enjoy!

Grand Granny Coloring Sheet - Must Love Quilts