Preppy Knee Socks

So I have been obsessed with the idea of making quilts entirely out of solids since the quilting bug bit me two years ago. The main obstacle in my way has been the gorgeous print fabric that screams, BUY ME! USE ME! I’m helpless when it comes to gorgeous print fabric. Nonetheless, last month I decided to tackle a modern quilt with solids. After some pinteresting around, I settled on Preppy Knee Socks by Elizabeth Hartman. I’m a sucker for her quilts, and this one is no exception. I recently sent my Planetarium quilt off for quilting, and I have Rapid City in the works. It seemed only natural to keep following this trend. Plus, knee socks are near and dear to my heart. Check out this picture of me 8 years ago with my company dodgeball team.

After I chose the pattern, it was time for color choices! I’m lucky that I know how to use Adobe Illustrator, so I started by whipping up the quilt template and then started playing around with color schemes. The process was quick and dirty, but here are a few I ended up enjoying.

The Winner

I started this quilt at a recent Austin Modern Quilt Guild Retreat and picked the winning color scheme based on the fabrics a local quilt shop had in stock. Here is my progress so far, sorry for the terrible photo, I’m working on it!


I’m planning on making the quilt twin-size, only a handful of blocks to go! Elizabeth Hartman’s instructions were based on making the quilt from fabric scraps, but I chose to strip-piece it because A) I’m lazy and B) It is WAY faster. Thinking about doing a tutorial in one of my next posts, we’ll see how ambitious I feel. That is all for now! I leave you with a ridiculously cute picture of a former Austin Pets Alive! foster kitten sleeping on my window.


Former Blog Cynic

I have to admit, I never thought I’d start a blog. I’m not into journaling, and I can’t figure out why anyone would actually want to read one of my posts. I’m not much of a blog-reader myself, I’m a blog picture-viewer. I read blogs like I read the news, headlines and photographs. I’m not sure how this whole thing will evolve, but hopefully I’ll learn a few things along the way, and share some fun stuff in the process.

My involvement with the Austin Modern Quilt Guild is the main inspiration behind blogging. I’m so inspired by the online quilt community, and after seeing all the blogs out there I felt kinda left out! After realizing this is entirely my own fault, I adjusted my blog-cynic views and decided to get my feet wet and see where it goes. I’ll be sharing projects, ideas, inspiration and hopefully lots of pictures of adorable animals. Speaking of adorable animals, check out my sweet babies, Itsy Bear and Liberty, aka Libby.

That is all for now! Hoping to actually post something quiltastic tomorrow for WIP Wednesday! 🙂