October on my mind

So you know how much I love fall. The only thing that keeps me from getting sad after Halloween is over is knowing Christmas is around the corner, otherwise I’d be totally bummed out, winter just isn’t my thing (one of the top reasons I now live in Austin.) I do miss the East Coast’s autumn though. I have many fond memories of driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains to and from college, going to Halloween houses with my sisters, and pumpkin picking with my family as a child. My dad turns our house into a haunted haven each Halloween, and kids are always met with large bags of candy. No scare tactics, just spooky fun. I hope to one day carry on the tradition, but living in an apartment doesn’t afford that opportunity just yet.

I have almost completed piecing my Not So Modern Maples quilt top, just need to add 4 inch squares around the entire top as a semi-border! This photo is terrible, the sun is going down earlier now and I just don’t get home early enough during the week to take sun-filled shots. Maybe I’ll remember to get one this weekend! In the meantime, here is my progress.


Last fall I fell in love with all the wonderful wreaths you find on pinterest. I came across this tutorial and wanted a similar product. I ended up using a wire wreath frame and sewing instead of gluing. If glue is your thing, that is cool, I just find it weighs things down too much, and it takes just as much time as sewing large stitches, so why bother. I made the black and white wreath below last year and it has been hanging out on a shelf in my laundry room flower-less all year. I busted it out this weekend and finally whipped up some lovely flowers to make it festive. I made a ton of these flowers in red last year for my Christmas tree, and thought they would look awesome on this wreath in orange. Again, I didn’t use glue, I sewed the petals on. The glue weighed the Christmas flowers down and took way too much time to dry. The only perk of glue is you get to peel it off your messy fingers when you’re done, but that doesn’t outweigh the cons in my opinion. 🙂

wreath square low res

This wreath is hanging on my wall above my computer at work so that I can enjoy it. It took a year to finish, but I like how it turned out.

wreath portrait low res

4 thoughts on “October on my mind

  1. Fall is my favorite too! I wish we got to experience a bit more of it here though! Love how the wreath and the maple leaves turned out!! I just made a test block for the modern maples today and can’t wait to dig in!!!

  2. The quilt is gorgeous. Bet you mother is hoping to find it under the Christmas tree with her name on the tag. Love the addition of the flowers to the wreath. A tutorial on the flowers would be fun.

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