Must Love Illustration

No quilty posts today, I’ve been busy working on secret Christmas projects and in my spare time attempting to establish an illustration “style.”ย  I loved drawing as a child and really wish I had gone to art school so that I could have had mentors help me develop my drawing strengths and weaknesses. I find I have too many styles that I enjoy, and it is hard for me to pin point a particular aesthetic that screams, CORINNE! So, my goal is to just draw tons of stuff and at some point look back and see if there is some sort of cohesive style I can develop.

I love folk art, and have been drawn to Scandinavian folk art for some time. It’s been really trendy as of late, so I thought it might be fun to design a simple yet modern applique Christmas quilt based on the style. I started drawing birds from the 12 Days of Christmas and arranged them as blocks, seen below. I thought it might be pretty appliqued red on cream, and perhaps hand applique other flourishes in white on the cream surrounding the birds? That part isn’t illustrated but you get the idea. I can’t decide if I like it enough to actually make it.

I’d also like to design a collection of fabric to print on this year. I’ve been tossing several ideas around, but whipped up a cute polar bear pattern I think could be fun. I’m still developing the idea, but think its coming along. Faces have always been the simple part, but I am terrible at drawing bodies, whether animal or human.

Polar Bears

Last but not least, I REALLY want to draw some cat fabric. I volunteer bottle feeding orphan kittens with Austin Pets Alive and currently have two fosters kittens at home. Have y’all seen the “Pin all the things!” stick cartoon? I thought it would be cute with a kitten twist, so I whipped this up and think it would be a fun tshirt.

I’m hoping to have some actual quilty stuff to post soon.

8 thoughts on “Must Love Illustration

  1. I love the Scandinavian style! Have you of adding a dala horse? If you follow stitched in color, Rachel has a penny sampler quilt that includes a paper pieced dala horse, among other scadanavian influences. I lve the polar bear! From far away it just looks likea normal print, until you get closer. I too have trouble defining my “style”. Oh well, just keep creating and it will emerge eventually!

    • Thanks for the info, I’ll have to check out that quilt! The horse is definitely on my list of drawings to play with. I just love the clean lines and minimalist nature of the style! Maybe I should try a Scandinavian Folk Art Hokie?!

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