Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Challenge

First, I want to thank everyone who has posted kind comments regarding my Michael Miller Challenge Quilt, Modern Trellis. I truly appreciate everyone’s positive feedback and I’m so happy the quilt has been well-received. It was fun to make from start to finish. There is nothing quite like starting with design doodles and ending up with a finished quilt that actually turns out better than you expected! For all those interested, I am currently working on the pattern and hope to have it on Craftsy in the next couple of weeks. I want to make sure the directions are easy to follow, but I’ll be sure to announce when it is ready.

There were over 300 entries for the Michael Miller Challenge, and it was so inspiring to look through the forum at the different ways people used the fabric. The MQG released their top nine and the winners a couple weeks ago, and I’d like to offer congratulations to those selected! There were so many great entries and I’d like to go ahead and highlight some of my favorites that didn’t make the cut this time. Here they are in no particular order!

First up, Pinwheel Pods by Jessica of A Blue Sky Kind of Life. I noticed a lot of folks tried using negative space that wasn’t white, and I think Jessica was really successful using the greys. I love how she paired the colors of the pinwheel squares and used the white sashing…I just overall loved it all.


Next up is a gorgeous quilt by Victoria of the Roanoke MQG. Unfortunately I don’t have any other details or a blog name, but the quilt was too pretty not to share!

roanoke mqg victoria

Courthouse Petals by Cheryl of Meadow Mist Designs is another great example of someone who used grey successfully. I love the classic quilt with the modern fabrics, great job Cheryl!

meadow mist designs

This next quilt reminded me of my days as a lifeguard and pool manager. Is it just me or does the quilt make you want to jump into a pool and toss around some beach balls? Even the quilting reminds me of rippling water! This quilt was made by Emma Thomas-McGinnis of Quilties.

quilties by emma thomas mcginnis

Another quilt with no blog or extra info 😦  This one is by Neva and was posted to the forums. I absolutely love the way she pieced the shards of fabric and quilted it to make it look like the fabric is exploding! Great effect and example of how quilting can add a new twist on the pieced top.


I love slanted lines when quilting and think Angie of the St. Louis MQG composed a beautiful modern quilt. The darker grey/black really makes the fabric pop with this design. Visit her blog at Sew Crazy for Quilts to check out her work.

Angie of Sew Crazy for Quilts

Last up is this beautiful quilt by Betty Seinfeld, again, no blog or extra info. This one reminds me of my days back in design school playing with gridwork.

betty seinfeld


That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed these folks’ beautiful work as much as I did. Check out their blogs and leave them some love.

Piece Out!



4 thoughts on “Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Challenge

    • You are right Lisa, there were a loooooot of pages! I figured a lot of folks didn’t get through them all which is exactly why I wanted to highlight some of my favorites. Thanks for stopping by my blog. 🙂

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