I love Austin winters

Today was beautiful in Austin, so I took advantage of the nice weather and hung out on my back porch for several hours, while my pups kept me safe from the squirrels and birds. I’ve yet to setup an outdoor sewing station, so I decided to get to work on some quilty items on my laptop.

First up, I have finally added a WIP 2015 page here. I didn’t think my WIP list was that bad until I saw it laid out on this page, yikes! I’ve only been quilting since fall 2012, and as you can see, I’m very good at starting new projects. The problem is that I set it on a shelf when I get uninspired or more inspired by another project. I’d beat myself up about it more if I never finished quilts, but I do, so for now I’m letting myself get away with it. Sadly, there are other projects I started that aren’t on the WIP list because I have no intention of ever finishing them. When I don’t feel a quilt anymore I just can’t bring myself to waste time on it. There are too many other projects out there I want to work on!

I also got started on my personal quilt book. I have a basic design concept in InDesign, and I started filling out basic info for quilts I’ve finished. I don’t want to go into too much detail on the labels I’m going to make for my quilts, so I’m using this book as a way to remember the how and why to quilts I make. Here is a sample of the pages. You can click on the image to view it larger (still going to tweak the design and info, but you get the idea).

Must Love Quilts Journal

I finally got the binding on this heart quilt this weekend as well, so I’ll be updating the photos with the quilted quilt once hand-bound. Once I have all the info filled out, with the dates I finished quilts I’m going to start numbering them. For now that part is blank.

My other project this week was ordering Quiltcon pins for the pin swap. Here are my designs:

Must Love Quilts Pins

I would probably be more prepared for Quiltcon if I didn’t live in Austin. Last time the convention was here I was a newbie quilter, so it should be a different experience this time around. I hadn’t really explored blogs or blogging yet last time, and I still didn’t have many quilty friends. I’m excited about volunteering and meeting all the impressive quilters who are coming. I am very lucky to have three quilts in the show, and on top of that my Mom is coming into town from Virginia for the show, so that makes it extra exciting.

Anyone else out there coming into town for Quiltcon? What are you most looking forward to?

Piece Out!