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I don’t know about you, but I suffer from wanting to make “all the quilts.”  My list of future quilts is already longer than is feasible. When my mom visited this past winter she mentioned she was going to start making one block of the different quilts she has always wanted to try. I can’t imagine having that many orphan blocks sitting around, and I’m not a big fan of samplers, so I knew that her plan wasn’t something I’d be interested in doing. Her idea did get me thinking though.

I think a common theme among younger, modern quilters, is the desire to turn our “passion” into something that provides income, whether it be full-time or on the side. My generation is fascinated with the idea of “loving what you do,” and I think that idea resonates once we’ve finally found something we are passionate about: Quilting. I’ve dabbled in selling patterns, but found the amount of work that goes into a new pattern is quite overwhelming, and blogging is something that only costs me money. I’ve always been against selling quilts I make because of the amount of time that goes into it. I’m just not interested in working for minimum wage.

That said, I find myself designing more quilts than I’ll ever make or need or be able to give to friends/family. Inspiration hits me, I hop into Illustrator and quickly whip out a design, and then wonder if I’ll ever get around to making it. I seriously have a large book of quilt designs I’ve come up with that I occasionally leaf through, wishing I didn’t have a full-time job. My problem will never be a lack of ideas, only a lack of time.

What am I getting at? I’ve decided to try my hand at selling baby quilts. I’ve come up with a couple of collections I’ve been working on that I’d like to offer via a separate website, to folks who want quality, handmade, modern quilts. My plan is to offer several patterns for people to choose from, in their choice of color palettes. I’m hoping to get that website up and running in the next several months, but while I work on that I’ll be debuting the quilts on this blog, since I just can’t handle secret sewing.

Back in October I designed a quilt I’ve titled “Up We Go.”  I orginally pieced the following lap sized version:

Up We Go  |  Must Love Quilts

The scale of the blocks ended up being way too small. I thin it looks awesome as a lap quilt, but it would be completely overwhelming if I ever want to make a bed size version (which I totally do). I decided to super-size the blocks and make a baby quilt with the same pattern. I chose some happy spring colors that play well together.

Up We Go | Must Love Quilts

Here you can see the two side by side. I have yet to quilt the lap size version, but I’ll get around to it sooner or later.

Side by Side

I’m a little obsessed with this pattern and want to make it in #allthecolors. I also think it would look really fun on a bed. Here is a little closeup:

Up We Go | Must Love Quilts

That’s all for today. My mom has told me time and time again I don’t post to my blog enough, so I’m hoping to be better about it.

Side note: If you click on the graphic at the top of my post it should take you to a separate web page where you can print it out as wall art. I thought it was kinda fun and wanted to share.

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Piece Out,