WWIP – Winding Ways In Progress

Going to keep this short today. Almost done putting my Not So Modern Maples top together, hope to take pictures and post soon. Now that my autumn themed quilt is almost ready for quilting, I am again working on something beachy. I cut out a million and half pieces of the Winding Ways quilt a while back on an Accu-quilt, and did 4 or 5 practice blocks (not the ones posted below, they came after lots of practice). I have to admit, I was ready to give up. I’d cut it out though, so it is going to happen! I think I’ve found my groove, it involves A LOT of pins. I only have four decent blocks done, but I have a big pile of various parts pieced together. I also realized I didn’t cut out enough pieces from four of my fabrics. Going to have to figure that out, I’m not cutting these out without an Accu-quilt!

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13 thoughts on “WWIP – Winding Ways In Progress

    • It is time consuming and definitely not as easy as some people try to have you think! Hopefully the finished project will be worth it. I’ve learned a lot, so that also helps make it worth it!

  1. I have never attempted a Winding Ways but most that I have seen are fantastic. Love your choices of fabric and colors. Maybe someday I will try making a block or two.

    • Thank you! After some practice it isn’t as hard as it looks, but practice is definitely key. I made the mistake of using good fabric to “practice” with…I suggest using scraps you don’t care about first.

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