Photography Challenged

It is a beautiful 75 degree January day here in Austin so I thought I’d take advantage of the weather and shoot some photos of finished quilts. I borrowed the Austin Modern Quilt Guild quilt stand (perk of being an officer) and setup shop in the field next to my apartment. I currently have three quilts I need photos of, so I hauled them downstairs along with my two dogs.

I am always on the lookout for photography tips, and with the help of the DSLR camera I have from work, I’d like to think I am not a complete novice at photography. I even know how to shoot in aperture priority, or manual if I really want to do some experimenting. So why is getting a great pic of a quilt so darn hard?! Today’s wind factor didn’t help my endeavor and I had to enlist my sister’s help in making sure the quilt stand didn’t fall over entirely. Note: Queen size quilts act as a sail when hanging from a quilt stand in even the lowest of wind conditions.

I managed to get a shot of my Cape Ann Charming Stars quilt that is okay enough to share. This is the second quilt I ever made, I started it a little over a year ago and it sat on a shelf for the better part of the year because I kept telling myself I was going to rent time on a long-arm and quilt it. I finally gave up on that idea and had it quilted by Jessica at Remnants, and it turned out awesome. I chose a seashell and starfish pattern and think it complements the beachy nature of the quilt. I used Moda Bakeshops Charming Stars tutorial. The quilt ended up being around twin size.

Must Love Quilts

Cape Ann

That’s all for now!

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