Point Me

This past August my little sister moved out of our folks house in Virginia and into my spare bedroom in Austin. I had been renting a 2 bedroom for myself and my craft addiction, but decided to cram as much of my craft stuff into my living room as possible until we can move into a house this April. My IKEA bookcases are now lined up behind my couch, and my sewing table doubles as a side table. So far we’re making it work but we are both looking forward to having more space soon!

My fabric shelves with extra storage up top:

Ikea Billy Bookcases

My weird cat somehow managed to climb up a large pile of polar fleece I was storing in the corner cubby made by the bookcases:

Beasley - If I fits, I sits

My other weird cat took advantage of the empty shelf while I was reorganizing my fabric a couple weekends ago:

Cinni Mini

Anyhow, back in August I decided to make Ally a simple, modern quilt as a welcome to Texas present. I’d been wanting to play with solids and Denyse Schmidt’s Point Me quilt seemed like a good option. I stupidly asked her what colors she wanted (something I swore I wouldn’t do when I started this quilt endeavor) and wound up making the quilt green and grey. Green and Purple are two colors I gravitate away from, but I think it turned out nicely. The pic below is of it on my bed, because after Ally moved in she decided to get a single futon type bed until she gets more space. If I’d know this would have been twin sized, oh well!

Point me | Must Love Quilts

Point me | Must Love Quilts

Point me | Must Love Quilts

4 thoughts on “Point Me

  1. This quilt is beautiful. The grey and green work very nicely together. Despite your accidental asking for advice on colors, I think it turned out very nicely. Modern and classy.

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