Fabric and Flamingos

My goodness, I have been a busy bee with a whole lot of nuthin to show for it! I found some backing fabric for the heart quilt, so hopefully I’ll start quilting that soon. I’m *almost* done quilting the Water/Waves quilt, only 12 inches left to go! I started cutting fabric for a baby quilt/tutorial I hope to post Monday (the quilt top will hopefully be done, the quilting for sure, will not!). Last, but not least, I’ve been working feverishly on designing some fabric to print on Spoonflower. I have 8 million ideas in my head, but last week settled on a theme for my first attempt. Flamingos! Here is a little sneak peek at two of the flamingo lovebirds:

Corinne Sovey  |  Spoonflower Flamingos

I wish I had more quilty goodness to share, in the meantime, enjoy this picture of my adorable cat. šŸ™‚

must love cats

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