Quiltcon Michael Miller Pastel Challenge

November is a busy month for deadline sewing for me. I have to finish up my Michael Miller Fabric Challenge, and I’m working on a small challenge quilt for a traditional group of quilters that I unfortunately can’t share just yet. On top of that I’ve been feverishly working on some Christmas presents that I hope to actually have done before my flight home in December.

I’ve said before, I tend to sway more traditional than modern, despite enjoying modern quilting. I decided to use the new Michael Miller Challenge to do just that, challenge me. I wanted to step outside my comfort zone and design something more modern, with more negative space, that I in no way would consider traditional. I started playing around straight lines and bars in Illustrator and eventually came up with the design below. I love plus quilts, so it’s a happy accident this is a more modern interpretation of the plus quilt.

Make It Modern - Must Love Quilts

Pastels are not my thing. I love bright happy colors, and if I choose pastels they are always an accent to brighter colors. When I see 3 or more pastels together I can’t help but think of children’s Easter decorations. I decided to go with an off-white neutral for the main part of my quilt rather than white, and originally wanted very subtle white lines to go up along the left side of the quilt. After putting it together, I saw some aqua fabric laying nearby and instantly knew I’d LOVE the aqua in place of the white. I took a photo and went into Photoshop to alter the white to aqua, just to see if I’d like it better. It wasn’t a matter of liking the white, I did  like it a lot, but a matter of knowing I’d love the aqua. I went onto facebook and instagram to confirm my instinct, and this weekend I’ll be ripping out more seams to replace the white with aqua, once my additional cream fabric arrives.

Once the top is done I get to start quilting. I’m actually looking forward to this part on this one, because I want to play with the negative space. I don’t free motion on my domestic, so I’ve been trying to come up with fun ways to play with straight lines. So far I have what you see below. Still thinking about what to do with the left side.  What do y’all think?

Quilting Plan - Must Love Quilts


Piece Out! (Linking up to WIP Wednesday over at Freshly Pieced)


2 thoughts on “Quiltcon Michael Miller Pastel Challenge

  1. Pastels are NOT my thing either but your attempt at “out-of-the-box for you” is great! Very interesting pattern and colors. Looking forward to seeing it completed!

  2. This is so cool! And I’m glad you decided to put the aqua in. I’m not usually a pastel person, either, but this quilt really has a spark to it! I like the ghost plus signs in the quilting.

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