Crossing the Line – Quiltcon Entry

With Quiltcon just months away, I recently tried putting on my modern hat. I sadly didn’t finish my Michael Miller Challenge quilt (the aqua won and the top is done and spray basted, but I just didn’t have time to quilt it). I unfortunately had to travel for work this past month and got sick immediately upon my return, so my quilting hours were severely limited. I decided to focus my efforts on a different design that I came up with earlier this month. My initial source of inspiration was this card I found advertising a type of coffee you can get at Starbucks. I am totally in love with the angles, lines and triangles, so I challenged myself to use these elements to come up with my own design.

I’m constantly striving to be more creative, so it important to me that I find inspiration in elements of design, rather than taking another person’s art and making it in textile format. While that in and of itself is a challenge, I want the design to be 100% mine, and the only way to do that is to take in all of the creativity surrounding you, and giving it your own voice. I ended up experimenting in Illustrator with intersecting lines at 60 degree angles, and came up with this.

Must Love Quilts - Corinne Sovey
I had some Cotton + Steel basics lying around that I just knew would be perfect for this quilt. I wanted to stay true to the shapes in the design, so I ended up using a million and a half partial seams in order to construct the quilt. It was a learning process and I got the hang of it approximately 60% of the way through the quilt. I had to seam rip quite a bit, but ended up happy with the ultimate result. I came to the realization that my least favorite part of quilting is naming the quilt, so I reached out to my dad for some help. He came up with “Crossing the Line” which I think fits the quilt perfectly. I think the MQG had a lot of entries this year for Quiltcon, but I’m still super hopeful this makes it in. Did anyone else enter any quilts? I’d love for you to comment below with a link to your blog post about the quilts you entered!
Finished Quilt Size: Approximately 60×70 inches – Another good couch quilt 🙂
Must Love Quilts - Crossing the Line
Side note: Yes, my blog has been decorated for Christmas. I’m a huge Christmas nerd. Happy Holidays! Linking up to Freshly Pieced for WIP Wednesday. Technically the binding is still glue basted and needs stitched.

19 thoughts on “Crossing the Line – Quiltcon Entry

  1. I love this – I too hope it makes the cut as I will be attending in Austin for the first time – I have signed on as a super volunteer and am hoping to meet a lot of people – would love to see this quilt in person!

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